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2017 Board Elections

Election ballot has closed. Stay tuned for the results.

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IMPORTANT: You will need your AOC membership number while casting your ballot. This can be found on the label of your monthly JED magazine.

Election Nominees & Bios

James Utt

2017_election_pics_uttJames Utt is currently Vice President of the Kittyhawk AOC Board of Directors. Since being elected to the board three years ago, he has worked with the other board members to increase the organization’s relevance to our community by instituting complimentary monthly socials at WO Wright’s, annual WPAFB Area B custom/classic car cruise-ins benefiting CFC, annual craft beer tasting events benefiting the STEM scholarship fund, and deployment of a new web site. He has been a member of the Kittyhawk AOC since receiving a scholarship in 1984. When not doing AOC stuff, Mr. Utt runs Defense Engineering Corporation (DEC), which he founded in 2007 to develop and transition innovative technology to the Warfighter through efficient, collaborative programs. DEC develops and tests EO/IR and RF sensor components including antennas and embedded high performance computing systems. Mr. Utt has a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. The main reason you should vote for Mr. Utt is that he can sometimes persuade Jessica to help out.

Tim Albrecht

2017_election_pics_albrechtTim Albrecht is an AOC Life Member and presently the Technical Director at Alion Science and Technology. Since joining Alion in Jan 2016, he has been responsible for the Technical and Strategic Direction on multiple Surveillance, Targeting and Electronic Warfare programs. Prior to joining the Kittyhawk Chapter, Tim served on the Windy City AOC Board of Directors in Chicago (2006-2014), until he retired from Northrop Grumman after 26 years. He was Director of NGC's Electronic Warfare and Self-Protection (EWSP) Suite Programs in Rolling Meadows, for the Boeing/NAVAIR Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA) and Boeing Airborne Early Warning Control(AEW&C) aircraft. Mr. Albrecht previously served as Advanced Programs Manager for RF and EO/IR countermeasure products in the Systems Development & Technology (R&D) Division. He has previously had extensive program and engineering design responsibility for military/space-based laser products and LIDAR Systems at Northrop's Apopka, FL site (formerly Litton Laser Systems). Tim received a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Communications Sciences from the University of Central Florida in 1985. Tim has been an AOC member since 1995.

Dan Horine

2017_election_pics_horineDan Horine worked as a civilian at WPAFB 1973-2006 in acquisition program offices and contracting (PK) and program management (PM) home offices. After retirement he worked six more years as a contractor for BTAS and Booz Allen Hamilton, mostly for ASC/XZ. He is APDP Level III in Contracting and in Program Management. He was involved in EW programs for B-52G&H, F-4, EF-111, B-1A, F-15C&E, an effort to develop a B-52 Stand Off Jammer, and technology development for a Reaper-based communications jammer. Dan feels an obligation to start pulling his share of the weight in the Kittyhawk chapter. He has served as President of Miami Valley Miata Club, Membership Chairman for Dayton Chapter of National Contract Management Association and is currently Treasurer for Dayton Area Mensa.

David Díaz

2017_election_pics_diazDavid Díaz brings over 29 years of experience in a variety of engineering and leadership roles, 19+ years in defense and 10 years in pharmaceutical/medical device industries. Mr. Díaz is the Chief Systems Engineer for the Combat Rescue Helicopter. He drives requirements for defensive systems in support of mission execution, information supportability to ensure interoperability, leads technical reviews, and has spearheaded the use of HITL demonstrations to improve EW systems. While in the private sector he was actively involved with industry associations, in multiple boards and education committees. Since returning to the government he has been an active proponent and supporter of EW technologies and capabilities. He is an active AOC board member supporting educational and awareness events. In previous programs, he led next generation technology initiatives for sensors and weapons integration to establish future tactical aircraft foundational concepts. He also worked on future air force and joint EW investment activities, and innovative electronic attack capabilities in support of the successful prosecution of air force missions. He is respected by his peers and DoD contractors for his technical expertise, drive, and contributions.

Dr. Steve Hary

2017_election_pics_haryDr. Steve Hary serves Senior Advisor for the Aerospace Components and Subsystems Division of the AFRL Sensors Directorate. He is responsible for directing Electronic Warfare component developments for AFRL including program management of advanced electronic and optoelectronic device development projects, external agency interactions, technology transition, and internal AFRL R&D budgeting and planning. He is a member of the OSD Electronic Warfare Community of Interest (CoI) and is a working group member of the OSD Advanced Electronics CoI. Prior to this assignment he was Technical Advisor for the RF and EO Subsystems Branch (2005-2012) and the Reference Sensor and Receiver Applications Branch of the Sensors Directorate (2001 to 2005). In these capacities, Dr. Hary was responsible for technical oversight and direction of branches with approximately 20 engineers/scientists working in the areas of broadband antennas, digital receivers, software receivers, RF signal processing, reference sensing, NAVWAR and ESM systems. Dr. Hary has been a Crow since 2003 and is an AOC Life Member. He has been a Kittyhawk AOC board member since 2015 serving as scholarship chair and organizing the Kittyhawk week tutorials and technical program. He is excited about the opportunity to continue to serve the Kittyhawk Chapter in any capacity needed, with particular emphasis on student activities, mentoring and connection/interaction with other professional/technical societies. Dr. Hary received his BSEE from the University of Dayton in 1990 and MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering from The Ohio State University in 1992 and 1997 respectively.

Craig Hoerig

2017_election_pics_hoerigCraig Hoerig is a 19 year member of the AOC. For the last 11years he has served on the Kittyhawk Chapter’s board as the Treasurer. During his tenure, he has tracked all Kittyhawk’s and the Educational Foundation’s financial transactions, created budgets to aid the board in planning activities, led the ability for the chapter to take credit card payments for activities, helped initiate the chapter sponsorship program, and started the process to create a scholarship endowment for the chapter. He has chaired/co-chaired the scholarship golf outing for seven years and been active in aiding the outing for twelve years. Craig works for Ball Aerospace and is an EW Test Engineer in AFRL/RYWD’s IDAL. If elected to the board again, Craig will continue to advocate good financial stewardship, continue to find new ways to raise money for scholarships, and encourage outreach to new membership.

Mike Barber

2017_election_pics_barberMike Barber has over 30 years’ experience in support of military/government, and commercial programs involving Digital Communication Systems, along with Radar/RF and Electro Optical Avionics Signal Processing Systems for the US Air Force, Army, Navy, and Electronic Warfare. Expert in Digital Systems Top Down Hardware Design Flow Methodologies along with High Performance FPGA architecture, design, and test benching techniques. Mike is currently at Riverside Research Inc. in Beavercreek, Ohio where he is a Senior Digital Hardware Engineer responsible for digital hardware systems, board level, and component level designs in RRI’s Software Defined Radio (SDR) lab. This position is focused on RF data link implementation involving the research, development, test and analysis of data link waveforms in FPGAs. Duties include the development of FPGA code to implement existing behavioral and functional VHDL, MATLAB, and C models of Baseband or RF wireless data links for SDRs. Other duties include conducting trade studies on COTS FPGA evaluation/prototyping products, specifying requirements for the next generation FPGA/HW platforms, and technical liaison with the customer. Mike is a subject matter expert (SME who keeps up to date with the latest trends in the most advanced technologies impacting the EW community. Aside from his technical acumen, he is extremely organized and has the unique ability to get everyone on his team going in the same direction.


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